My Trip to film Quilty

This was one of the best experiences  in my adult life. I was invited by Mary Fons to the set of Quilty. Quilty is a internet based show on . My quilt Ocean Front was in the May/June issue and we filmed a “This is my Quilt” interview. We also filmed a “blocks a go go” episode where I hope I didn’t mess it all up…. I was so thrilled to be there that I barely remember what we did and said!!!!  What a whirlwind of excitement.

I  have to say that Mary and her entire crew are some the nicest people you will ever meet. We talked quilts and we could have talked all week!! She said very nice things my quilt and my ideas about designing it. She gave me positive feedback about everything!!! I can’t wait to see the episodes… and there was one special guest , my husband at the end of TiMQ talking about living with a quilter!! He was such a good sport, read his Facebook post:

“So…. I”m in Chicago so Vicki could do her interview about the quilt she had in Quilt magazine earlier this spring. We met Mary Fons (a very nice lady by the way) and her and Vicki are talking about how the video shoot will go. I’m not paying attention as I am just the chauffeur when Mary looks at me and says “Jay, I would love it if you would be part of the interview.” I am shocked!! I was wearing my highland games sweatshirt and jeans, I decided at the last minute to shave good thing I did because I  wound up doing something I never thought I’d do take part in an interview about a quilt. Lol I am so proud of my wife and her “hobby” she has had an incredible year she is truly an artist.”

I have to say that I learned so much! I learned what my husband, family and friends think about my obsession. I learned about filming a show. I learned that I have a few tips to share and I shared one (you will have to watch the show to see it, I don’t want to be a spoiler!) Mary asked me what type of quilter I am …. that got me thinking…..

I posted about it here and I called myself a transitional fusion quilter in the post. I decided to drop the word transitional…. I AM a Fusion Quilter…. a fusion of  trad and mod. Most of all I learned, I AM A Quilter. LOL like we didn’t know that part 🙂


Here are a couple of pictures!

DSCN9527Mary and I on set

Aviary Photo_130309881641572768 Ocean Front in the magazineAviary Photo_130309881779158355and an autograph and the fabrics she gave me!!!

I have some very cool fabric as a thank you. And, the geek that I am, I asked Mary to sign the issue my quilt was published in. And of course, she was so gracious to accommodate my little request.


believe me there will be more about this in the future!!!



  1. Yay! Vicki, I can only imagine how exciting an experience this was! Your hubby sounds like a sweetie and like he’s really proud of you. Congratulations to you!


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