A week of photos


This has been a week that had some unique things to photograph. I love photo a day because it prompts me to see ordinary things in a unique way. It also gives me opportunity to capture some daily moments and savor them.

The photo of the wrestlers is in Mt Pleasant, at the regional tournament and was photo a day Walking. The team lost and was knocked out of the run for the state tournament because the score ended as a tie. We lost the tie breaker. It was gut wrenching. Our son couldn’t wrestle because he seriously hurt his knee. It was bruised and painful enough to go to doctor. So far, it is healing and we think the ligaments are intact. The season is over for him and it was a bittersweet moment of realizing it was done. We have spent the last week talking about the individual tourney with the remaining guys who went to the district, then the region. Three made it to the state individual tourney. I am so proud of our son and all of his team mates.

The collage of photos are things that happened. The fish were in a convience store in the Upper Pennisula, where we stopped on our way home from a wrestling tournament in Escanaba Mich.  They are bait fish and are located in a wash tub right near the restrooms, ugh. It kinda grossed me out.

Next, is the quilted heart. Love that free tutorial. See sidebar and go to Freemotion by the River. This photo is for Valentines day, Love is… We went to the gym.

The next photo is In your Fridge. Yep, coffee creamer and greek yogurt. Love it!


Friday we went to Traverse City to celebrate our 27th anniversary. We went to TC when we were young because it was the only place in Northern Michigan with a mall. We picked out our wedding rings  at a store that is no longer in business. This year we went to the music store and had my violin restrung with fabulous strings. We also went to the long arm store. We stopped in the organic food store, too. Then we had a lovely dinner at Outback of prime rib. I had the most wonderful day. My husband wrote this on Facebook and I cried.

Happy Anniversary to my wife. For 27 years we have walked through this life together. I can’t imagine making the trip with anyone else, here’s to another 27 years. I love you.

I couldn’t come up with anything special to write back. My feelings can’t be written I guess and everything I wrote sounded hollow. So, Jay if you are reading this. I love you too and wouldn’t have had been on the journey with anyone else either.

Today’s photo is the stack of electronics In your Hand. I have that stuff, especially the phone in my hand. Way too much!!


Lastly, the Amish Friendship bread. I just said to my husband that I wanted to make some. We drove our son to see his girlfriend in Alpena and they were making it! Yummy stuff. Now with Pinterest and other internet resources I have found hundreds of recipes. Oh, I can’t wait to bake. This pic is of the bread that they shared with us, the starter is fermenting as we speak!

So what am I gonna do with the rest of my four-day weekend? Today is sewing, baking, church and laundry. Tomorrow I am teaching a friend to paper piece. And more sewing, baking, laundry and whatever else presents itself. What a full and wonderful last week, I am looking forward to this next one.


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