random thoughts on a Thursday

I often think of things that I don’t really know where it comes from or why. But they are things that occupy my mind in a weird way….

Why does my neighbor leave her passenger window open on her car most of the time, especially when its raining or snowing? She closes it occasionally so I know that the window closes…. is there a funny smell in the car that needs to “air out”?

Another thought is that why do people insist on riding bikes on the road during the winter months? Its slippery and we have a bus system… is so dangerous.

Since smoking has been banned in most buildings, I have run the gauntlet of smokers to get into any building. And now all the neighbors who smoke sit outside… grr, I can’t even sit outside without gagging on their smoke. Gets me upset.

Dogs is another things. I loved my dogs but man, my neighbors all have multiple dogs. My property butts up to 4 other people’s yards. Now that spring on its way, it smells like dog crap ( and smoke ).I need to get the message out to folks that I don’t appreciate their stench, the constant barking and the little gifts that the dogs leave in my yard. Jerks. 


You know that there is always more where this comes from!





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