We had a getaway part 3

DSCN7950 DSCN7954 DSCN7983 DSCN8016DSCN7964

It was a great day of competition on Sunday.  My husband was top three in 6 of 7 events and won one!!! We were  very happy about that. It was a very close competition and we bit our nails till the very end. We aren’t sure if he placed overall 2 or 3 in his age group, we will have to wait for that to post.

His training has been slowed due to a late winter and he was a bit concerned about how he would do.  He is doing so well. We had to leave in a hurry (as in my parents and I were shoving gear under the fence and into the car as Jay was competing)  to get to baccalaureate to hear our son’s very moving testimony. I glad that it was such a good day.

Our friends dropped off the medals that were available. I am so happy, can’t wait until Spring Lake in mid June. I found that I cannot publish video on this site currently but for my face book friends, videos will be posted later.



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