Lots of Quilty Secrets

And it’s driving me nuts! I have been testing blocks for Quiltmaker magazine. I can’t share them yet. I just want to say that it is a wonderful experience.  If you read this blog enough you know that I am not very skilled at appplique. And yep, I have had several applique blocks. It has stretched my skills. I would do this again if they want me too. I am having so much fun with it!!

Secret number 2- I am working on several quilts to submit for a book proposal. I love them but we will see what the publisher thinks of the proposal. In the mean time, I am working on samples to send with the proposal.

Secret number 3- I submitted a quilt for a judged show. A first for me! If it makes the semi-finals then it will be in the show. I won’t know for several weeks yet. I am not confident that it will make it but I am very proud of the quilt. It will be in the book proposal,too.

Secret number 4- I am working on my grandbabies quilt’s. Actually I am making one and my mom is making the same one. So no pictures either. And just to clarify, my daughter is having our first grandchildren (twins) in the fall, we are so excited!!


What does that leave to type about in my quilt life? Not much right at the moment that I can show photos of. But if you are patient, there will be plenty of pictures to talk about. And through all this I have been busy working and having my son’s graduation and grad party, my daughters visit and Highland games. I think I need to go to a Quilt show on Saturday to rest! Now I hope I can take pictures there and share them….



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