Summer is here!!!!!


Here is a picture of a peony that came from my great grandmothers house. It is a lovely fushia and it blooms every year. I don’t have mad gardening skills but I have a few hardy plants that will grow here in our short season. They say that we have 3 months of summer here and 9 months of bad sledding…. so true this last year.


However, I planted the white peony about 7 years ago from the slips that my father had from grandma’s. In fact, I thought they died and low and behold the white’s bloomed. My parents moved away and my dad has been searching for slips of the elusive white peony! Now he has one :).


Not in my garden but in my travels, I saw this rhodendrom.




The above pics are in my yard or from my yard. I am loving the sunshine.



The last two are pics from Spring Lake when we were there for a Highland games. I was pondering , overthinking, the significance of the mighty oak tree.

It comes from a small acorn and grows with many branches. I thought of how one person grows and can touch so many. Like the generations of those who enjoy those peonies, or the branches of the trees that touch so many peoples lives. I have discovered that I do touch many peoples lives and I need to be sure it is a good thing .


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