It really feels more like the Fourth today….

and we are going to watch fireworks tonight! We are going to grill out and have ice cream. Its really hot outside as is the usual for this time of year unlike the fourth that was cold. The pictures are from today’s drive mostly.

Ahhh, the traditions anchor the holiday.  I had a wonderful 4th don’t get me wrong! But things are a bit off this year ,the holiday was on a Thursday. We had to be to work early on Friday, our son had to work….traditions were saved for today…..

2013-07-06 11.51.22

AND I have had some obligations for my day job. A few hours today. A few on the holiday. I tried very hard to make the best of it but I still have been a bit off because of it. I have also had low grade migraines off and on for a few days with a few allergic sniffles. IMG_20130704_132239_928

And then it hit last night. The worst case of vertigo I have had in years. The kind where I can’t focus my eyes. It comes and goes today. I have been plowing through. I have stayed away from all those things that set it off for me. Salty foods, highly seasoned food. Hmmm, I had Chinese on the 4th plus all the other things… bbq, chips… that trigger it over the past week or so.

2013-07-06 11.51.19

It is better this evening. But it sets me into a bit of a funk. Will it set me in bed for weeks like it has in the past? Is it something more worrisome? Why do I have to have so many that need me to work/have deadlines/do stuff when I don’t want to and then I feel sick? Why is my life/house/ weight not exactly where it should be? Whaaa, whaaaa, whaaa, whaaa…..

So enough was enough. I went grocery shopping for healthy foods. I got my quilting stuff out. I cleaned up the house a bit. Filled my meds that I hate to take.

I feel better now. My deadlines are getting met. I have a great family. I have more than most and I am working on the rest of those things I can control. I wouldn’t change a thing, really.

2013-07-06 11.56.04

Amazing what a little exercise,  fresh air, sunshine, traditions, quilting and cleaning up stuff can do for you. And praying and following my doctor’s advice. 🙂

Off to see the fireworks and eat healthy burgers. And get some ice cream, because ice cream makes it all better!!!



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