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I am prepping to load this large queen, on point quilt on the frame. I made the Civil war Diary quilt and set it on point. My first paper pieced quilt. I love it but my rows don’t all line up. And it ahs a few bobbles but I am finishing it anyways!! I haven’t decided how to quilt it but since it is a romantic feeling to this quilt I am thinking ribbons and feathers. Here is a whole quilt pic on my previous blog:

I have many of the Farmers Wife started and I need to do something with them. it was so frustrated by all the template use I gave up. I may set them in a more moderns setting.

I am sore today from all changes in my exercise routine. I am changing many things up in my daily work flow and my exercise needed a change. I am exercising more often, less time and more intensity. I gotta get healthier and lose weight! My 3 days a week for an hour or more wasn’t helping that out.

I am linking up with Freemotion by the River, check it out for more inspiration!



  1. I’ve been taking a Craftsy class with Carol Doaks who addresses the problem of getting paper pieced blocks perfectly lined up. It should work with regular blocks with no paper too. She pins and lines things up at every matching point or 3 inches apart, and then machine bastes just those spots, removes the pins and checks to see if everything is perfect. A small piece of machine basting is easy to pull out. Just adjust the parts that aren’t perfect, and baste again. When it is all perfect she just sews with smaller stitches right over the basting.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet you get perfect results every time.


  2. I have blocks from the Farmer’s Wife book ready to put together and my daughter bought me the Civil War Diaries book for Christmas! I didn’t do all the FW blocks. I have several sets of the Marti Michell templates and she has redone the FW patterns to use those. It is a free e-mail she sends from her website if you are interested. I get tired of little templates too!


    • Katy I would be interested. I love the Civil War Diary quilt because it was paper pieced and has a CD that worked with EQ. BUT I really am a finishing person so the email would be a great thing to get!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Vicki


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