I have been trying to get a new routine going. I just need to change how I do work, play and spend my free time. I keep reverting back to an old schedule and It doesn’t work for me. NOR is it necessary.

Why? I need to be more efficient with my time at home especially. I work from home part time with my home business. I also work full time during the day. I have a few demands but I want to also have time for the trips and some fun in my life too. Soooo, here is the proposal. Yes, I am writing this post to myself so I can remember what a great idea it is. I have a bit of a memory problem lately. Goes with the hot flashes, etc.

I propose to:

do one or two household chores a day on a continual basis vs. the marathon session on Sat morning. Yes, it is possible!
do all my computer work in the evening
sew and long arm in the mornings before work and in early evening when possible and on weekends when home.
Work out 4-5 days a week after work
do daily devotional and listen to positive music during the day
weigh myself daily
count calories
get a bit of sun when possible
take the vitamins recommended by the doctor

Yes I also need to be more efficient with my workout and diet program. It will come around, I just need to be disciplined.



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