Yesterday’s lunch break





I had to work in another city yesterday. I stopped by their most beautiful lake even though the weather was cloudy. It is inspiring on many levels. I often day dream about what people are doing on a week day sailing, fishing or jet skiing. Obviously, they are on vacation or independently wealthy! Since I am neither, I had to get back to work.

It got me thinking about why I am so bored with work. I have done this type of nursing for 20 years. I love the creativity of quilting and other projects but it wouldn’t pay the bills I don’t think. So I choose to do both. I am more inspired by creativity, pictures, travel and such. This sitting at an office in front of a computer all day has no excitement or inspiration in it.


Nursing used to be about caring for patients and now all I do is talk on the phone, call in meds and see a few people. It is the best job really but not inspiring. I cannot do hospital work any more because of the lifting etc. Besides I don’t think I could do shift work either.

I think I need to design more quilts!!! And I have a few customers that have quilts for me to long arm so that is very inspiring!!!

Off to work, bills to be paid, retirement to contemplate in many years lol.


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  1. I made a career change after working years in an office to start my own accounting business. It is the best decision I made. I can play and work each day. I always meet client’s deadlines first each day and then go create! Maybe something new or more inspiring will open up for you. So keep dreaming! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I appreciate your sweet comments.


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