Yesterday was a quiet day. I worked for a little in am, took my son to work and then had time to look around Hobby Lobby. Alone. I walked through the entire store and really had some good ideas on what I want to do. Note, that both Christmas , Halloween and Thanksgiving greeted me at the door!!! I held off on purchases until after the Quilt show on Sat, maybe I will find something special there!!






I have been spending more time drawing Zentangles than quilting or sewing. This has been a week of just relaxing and I will get the others done next week.


Getting closer to success in my glass tile pendants with Zentangle drawings. Google Glass tile pendant for tutorials. BUT I found I have to coat any metal with modge podge to stop a blue or green chemical discoloration of the paper from the metal.


By the way, no cavities at the dentist. I had just a bit of pain with the cleaning and I am good to go for 6 months. I also did a bit of shopping for our Son to prep for college that starts next week.


Whew! I should take a day off more often.



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