Happiness Project

A beginning of a new school year means a new Happiness Project.

I am not waiting until 2014 to start a new Happiness Project because a new routine usually start with the new school year. How funny that the most recent Happiness Project book, the author found that to be true for her so she started her project in September.

I choose to start mine today and the first month will run through September. I am starting with health. That means diet. That means daily exercise. That means clean up the house and organize. So easy to say, right?

This weekend we were out of town to a quilt show and moved our youngest in to college. That means my house has been neglected a bit. I ate out at all my favorite places from Red Robin to Pizza hut. We ate buffets and candy. I had a bit of walking, shopping, going to the movies, hotels and such. I feel a bit sick and tired from all the activity and junk food.

Well, it won’t be hard to do my goals because much of this is part of my routine. What will be challenging will be to do all of it consistently. Daily. Yes Daily. I have an idea to make the routine different as things are changing around here. Yep, change means I need to get a better routine going and be more healthy and efficient. Summer fun is over. It’s time to get to work with balance.

I tend to be a workaholic. I work all day at my day job and then work at my home based business in the evenings and on the weekends. Even during my lunch hour. I need to sneak work in often but I need to balance it out with healthy habits. I need to lose weight and get the house cleaning done on a more reasonable daily schedule vs a weekend marathon.

I work out 3 days a week and I am at the gym for 2 hours. I need to be there 5 days a week or more but not necessarily 2 hours each time. I am an evening work out person. So that routine is set. Evenings will also be clean up surfaces at the house.

So mornings is where the big changes are happening. I need to get up and do one household chore a day to keep up with the cleaning. I need to organize one small area. Both of these items should take 30 minutes or less. Then I can spend another 30-60 minutes working on my home based business.

That leaves me more free time on Sat and Sun to rest, have fun and create. It is amazing what can be done in short consistent steps. It is what we do every day that can make such a difference.

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  1. […] And a life update: Our oldest daughter is now 32 weeks along with the twins. She will hopefully make it to 37 weeks before delivery , and all is well with her. Our son is now a freshman in college and is doing well with the orientation. Classes start Monday. We will take him to lunch on Sunday and go to the store for anything we forgot when we dropped off. My husband and I are adjusting. I think my new Happiness Project and routine will serve me well. Read about that here> […]


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