Monday’s weekend Recap!



This weekend we went to a Highland Games in Kalamazoo. I had the opportunity to stop in a Joann’s on Sunday and found the perfect fabric to bind the twins quilt! Quilter’s are such helpful people, I had a fellow customer help me find exactly what I was looking for.


Here is the binding made this Monday morning and ready to sew on the quilts later today!

I drew these Zentangles at the Highland games !

2013-08-24 20.51.42

Ok here are the links to photos to the weekend Highland games. My husband was about 6 of 14 by my scorekeeping. It was a great day. My poor husband was a bit stressed. He secured the hotel on He pulled in the parking lot and the hotel was old. There was a huge truck parked by our room with welding equipment in the bed and spiked hub caps on it. Obviously, workers were staying here and bbq in the parking lot. Ok fine. We went into the room and it smelled like work boots. Ugh, probably from a musty a/c. We bought a few supplies late as his job made us leave several hours after we expected. He ran into problems paying bills before leaving town. So we bought an air freshener on the weekend of college move in. It was crazy.

Good thing it turned around at the games. It wasn’t a big event but any day doing what you love to do is better than a day working or sitting around the house. 2013-08-25 14.25.34



Sunday we had lunch with our Son who was able to update us on his first week of college and we went to two stores he needed to go to- guitar center and Meijers. We topped it all off with Frozen Yogurt. HMMMMM, now back to reality!

Links to Highland games:,AAAAPmbRJXk~,z77SjzCGAfJ-C3YfjKtd24X18MrXWYxy


Happy Monday!





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