Holiday Weekend, what’s happening?


I have nothing really planned. Last night, after work,  we did a trip down and back to pick up our son from college. We didn’t get in until 130am. I haven’t stayed up that late in a loooong time.

What am I working on? I am still trying to pin a 110 inch backing fabric on the quilt frame. It took a while to iron and I am going to try to get it on this weekend. Then start quilting this very large 95 x 97 customer quilt. It’s gonna be so pretty when done!


Been thinking about what to make with this fabric collection that I received for my birthday. I don’t have any great ideas, yet.


Since I have a new routine and all the housework is done, I had time to make this Zentangle. I like it. I have a lot to learn about shading but I feel that it is coming along.


So, to continue to counteract my poor eating habits I did this at the gym this morning. Prior to this is I did a 25 minute workout with weights and at the end a 15 min cool down on the exercise bike. Not bad for an overweight middle aged woman. Then I  ate pizza for dinner.

Enjoying college football. Hand sewing bindings. And something I don’t do much. Relaxing.



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