it snowed today….



And it continued through out the day, however, it melted off before evening. So glad, because I don’t have any boots and I need to get a pair. Honestly, I am not ready for this. I fear this will be a long winter. The short daylight hours are here, too. Ugh, October.


I took this picture today for the photo a day prompt “empty” on Instagram. I just haven’t had any ideas to “tangle.” I did buy a book that I have wanted for months called “One Zentangle a day.” It has tons of ideas and lessons. More to come on that!!!



I started a little amigurumi pumpkin. I hope that the pattern turns out for me cause it is a very cute little decoration that I would like to put on my desk at work. The whole project came to a screeching halt tonight when I discovered I don’t have any safety eyes! To Hobby Lobby !!!


What about quilting? I am sewing daily. I have more test blocks started for Quiltmaker. I am working on some samples for a pattern I wrote.

I think I will have to buy more fabric to finish all my projects…. more stuff to look for when I am off shopping for safety eyes! 🙂





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