apple bread

IMG_20131026_091955_940 IMG_20131026_094722_025

I was up at the usual time today. I decided to use more of the apples

we picked and I found this recipe on pinterest. It is a sweet, heavy

bread. I had to shred up some apples but that was the only challenge. I

did want to drag out the food processor but I should have, lol.

I was able to help an acquaintance get her and her friends long arm up

and running. She has had it a few years but bought it at a show and had

trouble making it work. A couple of hours, a few adjustments and a

better thread, I got it going. It was a good feeling. I think I need to do

more helping/teaching.

To celebrate , I went to lunch with my husband. Then I treated myself to

Creative Grids ruler. My first ruler was this type with the nonslip feature

but it broke. I am so happy I spent the money for this. I also went to

Hobby Lobby and purchased some Kona. Quilting, fabric, date lunch

and baking was a great Saturday.



  1. Sounds like a fun day 🙂 We have an apple cake recipe that I drag out every year, it has cream cheese…it came from a Cooking Light mag but we preferred the “before” version, lol!! Good luck with your sewing machine contest, I’m a Bernina gal…I think it would take a win to get a new one…new machines are so pricey!


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