2013-11-01 12.42.54IMG_20130529_220305


Last summer I embarked on a journey for testing about 12-14 blocks for this edition of Quiltmakers 100 block magazine. I learned so much. I tested and expanded my skills and tried new techniques. I have to say that I enjoyed it so much that I am making more test blocks now. This post is 4th in the series of test blocks where I share my experiences and what I learned in the process.


This is an easy block to do, whoo hoo there are some beginner blocks in this magazine!! The eyes and nose are a button set. I found them at Joann’s. I couldn’t find cardinal buttons and the arms are embroidered. I didn’t do add the embroidery  as I long arm my quilts and I didn’t want any embellishments on the block permanently. I like the arms but I like an armless snow man better!

What I learned is that there are tons of buttons and options for embellishments that I never new existed because I don’t usually embellish blocks. I had great fun shopping for buttons!



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