Keeping it real

Ice and snow left me with a strained Achilles this last week. Slip and yep, right before Thanksgiving I was laid up. I had a couple of days in a chair. It’s better and I am back to work but its not cured.

2013-11-27 10.58.18



I was greatful that it wasn’t torn, or any bones were broken, or that I didn’t crack my head on the ice . See the little tiny bruise on the heel? It’s hard to believe that can hurt you so much!!!2013-11-28 14.40.27


I also was able to spend time with my family while I was laid up. I made a pie and a pumpkin roll in shifts. Pumpkin pie was a store purchase. Yum.

We will put up the tree when my son gets home from college. I did get out a couple of Christmas quilts and they make me smile and feel more festive

2013-12-01 10.07.25.



I have been a bit distracted with life problems of people that touch my life. It’s the big bad ones–pending diagnosis, homelessness, financial issues, jobs, aging— and all during the holidays.

BUT, those are life issues that are as old as time itself and we each have do deal with these problems at some time. That’s what the happiness project was all about. Making the most of each day and finding ways to keep the house running smoothly to accomplish this. It has helped me to be prepared. I blogged about reading the book and having my own project earlier.

I have been quilting. A lot. Sewing? You bet. Crocheting. That too. And Zentangle. Check out my instagram feed for some of those pictures. But I leave you with this pic:


2013-05-01 10.36.48



More to come about my adventures with my quilt Ocean Front and Quilty!! I have so much to talk about, look forward to and be truly thankful for!!!







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