I wish that , its a dangerous game I play every holiday. Sound familiar?

I wish that…
I didn’t Work outside the home
I had tons of money not working to buy everyone everything they ever dreamed of
I had a fancy vehicle
I had a bigger house
I was 100 pounds lighter
Airline tickets to a Warm place

And new this  year i wish i was younger. Not sure why cause i wouldn’t want to re live the rough/tough times. Perplexing really.

Maybe its the nostalgia the holidays bring. I am going to choose a new list.

I am activity working in:
Organizing what i have
Enjoying no car payment
Spending my free time pursuing many wonderful things
Technology to keep up with everyone
Enjoy my haircut in spite of the grey
watch some holiday movies
Get some patterns finished

And to focus on the true meaning of Christmas


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