a visit from three Christmas sprits

Ghosts of 'A Christmas Carol' by ladyphantomofmusic

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge was visited by three spirits. This afternoon, I was visited by three Christmas spirits before 4 o’clock. Ok just go with me on this…. it is Christmas after all!!!

I started by day with some baking. The pumpkin roll looked great but it split wide open right on the top once I filled it and rerolled it. Not the prettiest. The pumpkin breads were not cooking well, the outside was getting done but the insides took a long time to get finished. I was getting frustrated. All this on the heels of my spritz cookies not going through the press because it is so stinking cold.

So we decided to go to the gym before lunch. My husband got the cars to start and tried to put new wiper blades on my van. All the parts weren’t there. So after the gym workout it was about a whopping 10 degrees  (after being 20 below when we go up) and he thought he should get the blades on. Of course, parts were missing so he went to the auto parts store. He turned the corner and the van stopped running. It had a recalled part on the transmission 18 months ago, yep 12 mo and 12,000 mile warranty. Tow truck had to be called, he had the only key to our second vehicle. Ugh.

By now I am out of the shower and getting ready. I throw some chicken tenders in the oven for lunch and start to do my hair. Oh boy, my $100 flat-iron had copper wires hanging out. In the trash it goes. I am ready and I start to think, those chicken tenders should be done.

Hmmmm, they are stone cold. The oven stops to work. I take a deep breath and think. Yep it could be so expensive. We may not be able to go to Scotland next year with all these problems. I am upset because I don’t have the money to visit my family in Virginia for the holiday, maybe spring break was the plan. Maybe not now.

Then it struck me. Those three things that broke this afternoon were like the Spirits of Christmas for me. Ok, maybe more like virtues. The flat-iron represents vanity. I have been very upset about my appearance, the grey hair, my weight. I have been really trying hard to look younger and dress more fashionable. I was getting frustrated about it. I have to let it go. This is my spirit of Christmas past.

The van represents envy. I want a hot car. I can’t afford one and we don’t have tons of money saved for these types of crisis moments. I want things that I don’t need. I have to choose to be happy with what I have. I blogged earlier about the dangerous mind game I play about wanting more especially this time of year. And we have had only one car before, it’s inconvenient but we can make it work. This is my spirit of Christmas present.

And the oven represents gluttony. Ok we need to stop the insanity with eating and the crack down begins in December 26th with a brief hiatus for New Year’s Day. I need to be serious or I will pay the consequences. This is my spirit of Christmas future.

So that is how I was visited by the three Spirits on Christmas eve. We started to laugh. I did get some baking done. We planned to grill steaks tomorrow so we don’t’ need the stove. The van might be repairable and well, I will get a new flat-iron. Maybe on sale this weekend.

Overall, it has been a very good Christmas Eve and the day isn’t over yet!!!


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