2014-01-12 14.03.51 12 inch block

2014-01-16 08.20.496 inch block, cutting guide to be posted tomorrow

I have been making economy blocks because they are pretty and fun to make. I am using up scraps and they are pretty stress free. See previos post about pattern and block along beginning. I decided to practice making blocks by trad piecing to get accuracy and points. I like and prefer to paper piece it but…. I need to get better at piecing.



I also started to quilt my Fusion Civil War Diary Quilt. I pieced this a coupe of years ago. I am finding that my quilting stitch choice my not be the best. I decided to go with a mini overall hook feather.

However, I am finding that the little 6 inch block have tons of seams. And many layers in some and it has caused some thread breakage. I may wish I went with a bigger stitch pattern. Or not. I just need to remember with mini blocks that a larger quilting stitch may be better for future reference. This quilt is going to be heavy and warm. But in quilting this, I really am enjoying seeing each block again. I think each block is like a little work of art.

And on a personal note and a bit tmi…

(so you were warned lol and can stop reading lol)

It has been rough for me for the past few weeks. I have been pretty ill. I have had lots of health problems secondary to this UTI. Stress with circumstances out of my control in life have piled up . I hit my breaking point with it all last night. The thread broke on the long arm when trying to quilt my CWDQ, I had to make adjustments to the needle, I had a crappy day…. then while I was lying on my bedroom floor inspecting the back of the quilt I realized. I had reached my saturation point and I just stopped for a few minutes.

I was frustrated. I shed a few tears. I just laid there on the floor covered in batting and threads. I realized just how ridiculous it  was to get so upset. Geez, maybe there is something about how crazed you can get with the ‘pause.

I got a call from a friend in need. Got up and hit the ground running again. Hmmm, sometimes you just need a moment where you just need to get refocused. I am determined to approach things from a fresh perspective. ‘Pause and all.

Quilting is really cheaper than therapy. 🙂



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