On a roll

2014-02-07 12.40.27 2014-02-09 12.22.51

I love making 6 inch blocks. I recently finished a Civil War Dairy quilt. I have half of the Farmers Wife blocks made. I just printed these off from EQ because I like them. I am just gonna keep making more until I have more to put into a quilt.

2014-02-09 13.48.41 2014-02-09 14.43.25

I have been quilting on my long arm and my favorite stitch is what I call a double stipple.


I was sewing up baby wash cloths for the twin grand babies this weekend. I am such a quilter, as I was making the wash cloths, I realized I had decorative stitches that I could use on my old sewing machine. Ha, and they worked!! Never used them before, lol.






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