I spent the weekend in one of my favorite cities. It was a special anniversary weekend. I went to several fabric stores and dinner and hockey,  and just plain relaxing. See instagram feed for all the romantic pics.


I found 20 fq for 22 dollars,  when I wasn’t really looking. I was not in a so called quilt shop. I had a rare moment to buy and planned on  paying full price.  🙂 It got me to thinking why opposites work so well in my life….

Rest brings productivity
Busy often leads to nothingness
Travel makes home special
Getting out leads to creativity
Routine is good for daily activities but not EVERY day
Vacation days are sweet but too many leads to stress/boredom
Snow can bring me into a zen like state of thinking
Sun is so needed but can be as overpowering as snow
Love is beyond words but saying it is a sweet moment even at my age


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