a little about quilts and more about life…..

2014-03-13 07.31.24 Today is the 12th day of 12 days in a row that I am working my day job. I am a bit tired. A few things quilting did get done like this quilt that is going to a charity auction by the end of the month. I have 4 long arm quilts to do including this one. Two grad quilts that I am sewing by May. I can do it!!! Just gotta stay on target……

2014-03-13 12.32.52

I have been eating my favorite foods this week, like peanut butter so not much weight loss going on. I have been exercising but I am just feeling tired and stressed. I have made 5– 80 mile  round trips to cover another office, driving is fatiguing and make me a bit car sick.  Work is in a state of flux and I expect by the end of the month all the budgetary announcements will be made for us. Just waiting is soooooo hard to do, I want to get on  with my life and move forward….waiting….not my strength.



2014-03-13 18.12.142014-03-14 07.43.50

Here is an interesting word collage from my facebook page with the most used words. enlarge it to get the full effect of all the words, lol. Love, weekend, Jay, hope, creative stick out to me, you have to look close at the light green words in the background. And this is yet another exercise that the same thing (pattern) in different color schemes say different things. A lesson to translate to quilting.

I have to say it was pretty eye opening to what I talk about the most and QUILT in is there too!!!


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