March madness and this isn’t about basketball

2014-03-22 15.53.09

Its is that time of year, the long stretch until winter is done. It is our first winter empty nest. No sports or music things that kept up going 100 miles an hour all winter when the kids were home.

2014-03-22 10.09.49

We woke up to more snow yesterday, cold and wind. It is also that time of year where there is not much to do. No place to go and nothing much on TV. All in all, stay at home weekend. And the winter madness.



2014-03-23 14.18.34 2014-03-23 14.19.02

I did get some things done this weekend. I made several economy blocks in bright colors. See first picture. I finished a customer quilt in a double stipple. I grocery shopped, went to a little home show in town, went to hobby lobby for batting and wandered around,  cleaned up the house, did laundry, watched several basketball games and spent an embarrassing amount of time on the computer and social media….




2014-03-23 14.19.12

I also ate out at our new BWW. Which is good. I spent tons of wonderful time with my husband.

2014-03-23 14.20.02

Then today we went to church, ate salads for lunch out , watch Nascar off and on, watched a show on ancient Egypt, cooked dinner, laundry, practiced violin and we both looked at each other this afternoon and said…..

Bored. Midwinter doldrums, cold weather, weak sun, cold temps, no motivation to do any spring cleaning with this weather. But man did I get other  stuff done…..

Spring , please get here soon, or we may go stir crazy.




  1. Hum, sorry the winter is dragging on. I hear you on not being as motivated I should be. We had one beautiful day of spring like weather. Now we’re looking for a rainstorm tomorrow — at least the weather people are talking rain now not the snow they were talking about last week. Small favors. What do you call a double stipple? I’ve never heard of it. Empty nesting will get better. And, gee wiz, you can have your own life too!


  2. I do like you calling it March madness, so appropriate. At least it sounds like you did get a ton done though maybe not what you wanted to. Love your scrappy blocks.


  3. I like your economy blocks. I have wanted to make some I Spy economy blocks. I hope spring comes soon for you! We’re looking at another hard freeze this week and chilly temps. I’m so ready for spring!


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