My new iron. In my quest to find a cordless iron I found this Panasonic. Price was below $100 and so far it seems to work very well for me it has double pointed end. I hope it lasts.


This is a customer quilt that is a bear paw. It is quilted with all over free hand feather design in a copper color thread I will be loading its sister quilt on as soon as I can get it ironed. I get to play with the new iron again!


Here’s a picture of the detail in the quilting.

I would be lying if I said I was getting as much done as I used to. This commute2 to 3 days a week really put the hamper in getting more stuff done around the house. I have found out that I need to maximize my time when I’m home.

So I’ve been utilizing time management skills more and I have been able to do other things such as catch up on email and phone calls faster. I think in time I will feel that it is balancing back out and that I can get my sewing and quilting done in addition to my day job. I always said work got in the way of my life 🙂 However I’m not in a position to not work outside the home like many of us, I just need to learn how to figure it out.


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