It’s that time of year….

to take our youngest back to college. This time I took him by myself. I don’t usually drive that far or in that much traffic but it worked out just fine. I need to get more confident with my driving. I was tired and car sick by the end of the road trip but all in all it was a good time. The dorm set up went very smoothly. I took today off to recuperate and clean up the house. I wore myself out cleaning today and then went to the gym. The rest of the post will be pictures that I took on the trip and at the college.

2014-08-17 19.45.25 2014-08-17 19.57.27 2014-08-18 11.40.07 2014-08-18 13.07.07 2014-08-18 13.18.49 2014-08-18 13.22.08 2014-08-18 13.40.23 2014-08-18 17.13.15


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