Fall bring winter prep

2014-10-25 13.51.11 2014-10-25 13.51.15


Yes we really do have to get things done around here before it snows or else it waits until spring. Some people get their wood to heat with in, others can their garden’s harvest. On our list, is yard clean up. We have to get the leaves raked, cut back perennials and the lawn mowed before the first snow. Other things we have been doing is moving furniture around, taking things to a storage unit, getting large trash items like boxes ready for waste pick up and cleaning. Yes cleaning! There are some items that have to be done in the spring like wash windows and done again before it snows. Mostly for me it is getting the tasks done that involve being outside. Do we get all this done every year before the first snow? No way, but this year we have had some beautiful October days and I think we are gonna get this list completed.



I have been doing a ton of quilting and sewing. I am feeling “caught up” now and I expect to get a few quilts from customers before Christmas. I have way more time to quilt now that we aren’t travelling as much and I am getting used to my new work schedule with commuting several days a week. I am knitting too. Here are a few pics of what I have been working on.


Feeling like I am making progress! I am also getting to the gym 3 times a week, I am making a goal to go 4 times over  the winter months and three times over the summer with an outdoor walk in good weather.

Now my big concern I how to cut my hair in a couple of weeks. It’s falling out and feels thin. So maybe shorter. I hope that I can find something that works.


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