A time where things are caught up, a rare moment

2014-11-12 07.45.34 2014-11-18 12.20.45

This week brought so many challenges with 40-50 inches of snow. I was able stay at the local office until Friday. It was a three times a day snow blow to the driveway. I took my turn one day. My husband had 11 hour days of course due to the high work volume and bad weather slowing everything down.

2014-11-19 13.16.51

By Friday the weather system moved on, yesterday and today it warmed up and melted the snow. Rain is in the forecast. Whew, I was getting worn down with the snow.

I am caught up on customer quilts and will post about them after delivery this week. I have caught up at work. I have cleaned this weekend and really getting things organized. I feel good and ready for Thanksgiving. We are shopping today, if the weather holds there will be 6 at our house for dinner, yay!!! Being empty nesters the crickets chirp on long weekends around here, lol.

What did I clean with, well I had to make do in the shower cleaner. I usually use Green Works. I didn’t have any. So I used the 50/50 Vinegar and dish soap solution. I scrubbed the tub first with some old soft soap then saturated my sponge in the vinegar solution. It worked and didn’t leave the tub slippery. I have several slips in the tub and that is no good!!!


I always use white vinegar to mix with water to mop the floors. I use white vinegar mixed with water to steam clean carpets. I use it to disinfect surfaces. I am going to use it more, I just read that there is a cleaning vinegar that is more acidic and works better. I love the fact that it is cheap, doesn’t trigger breathing problems for me and it kills germs.

Now, to continue to wage war on dust and cobwebs. I use swiffers, Mr clean erasure for sinks as well as walls and shelves , I also use Pledge allergen spray for furniture monthly. I wipe the wooden cupboard doors with it in the kitchen to remove grease. We just changed the furnace filter again and things seem to be better. We have to change it every 3 months. We use a hepa filter for everything that has a filter in the house.

Now to go to the grocery store and buy Thanksgiving stuff- turkey, stuffing bread, pie crusts, carmel, apples, white potatoes, something green for a side, a can of gravy ( ew) and pumpkin. I know I will get more as I go along. LOL

I really am a terrible cook. So my husband and share the Thanksgiving meal duties. I like to bake so the pies are easy. I like to make pumpkin rolls but I don’t have time to make it before Thursday, maybe on Friday for a weekend treat.

2014-11-19 13.16.38this is a view from my driveway, a historic building

Happy Sunday all, I am going to Church first!!!



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