Living in denial so living it up

2015-01-19 08.32.23 I have sewed these little 3.5 inch blocks this am. They are part of a block I am testing for Quiltmaker 100 block magazine. I sew lots of these test blocks over the year so I stack them up in my orphan block bag. I have quite a few now, and I need to make a few tops out of them and go hog wild on my long arm quilting. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

2015-01-17 11.47.22

This weekend we picked up a waistcoat styled vest for my husband from his kiltmaker and she had this bundle for me. I am in a quilters dream, I have so many ideas for quilts and things to make with these scraps. And lunch with them and some of our friends in SE Michigan was nice. We also saw my parents, sister and nephew on Sunday. I was happy to see everyone.

Overall, I really feel like I am behind. I hope to change that this week. I am spending today sewing and quilting on dead lined projects. Work will sort it self out over the next two months and I am thinking it won’t change for me after all the talk and worry. I am happy about that.

I am just pretending that the van repair won’t be a big deal. I am spending today indulging my creative process , getting my hair cut, quilting and maybe a little cleaning. After all, we have to make every day be special regardless of bad transmissions, winter, money and sickness (in my friends and family). I choose to make today a special one, just because. Tomorrow I am sure that reality will be all to clear when I get back to work and the mechanic calls.


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