Love is…..


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This weekend was a nice long one. Its our anniversary of 29 years and we decided to do things we love with the person we love. Love is so much more than what stories or movies can explain. And we have very few people we know who have been married as long or longer, they know but couldn’t explain it either. Its too special and too deep to put into words.

2015-02-14 18.45.212015-02-14 17.06.272015-02-16 13.38.30

We enjoy so many of the same things. We love sports so we went to a hockey game. We had prime rib and went our favorite Scottish Bakery.  We ate burgers at Five Guys and BBQ at Dave’s. Over this three day weekend he took me to the very hip Pink Castle fabrics.  Then IKEA for a storage solution for my quilting stuff and Best Buy for a blue tooth speaker. I took him to Guitar Center and we bought a 12 string guitar.

2015-02-15 13.06.212015-02-15 13.37.472015-02-15 14.17.50

We saw a movie about dragons and the highlight was the Detroit Institute of Art. It was an amazing gem. Very romantic and sweet way to spend time with each other. The weekend was so wonderful.

And now to let that carry us into the week, reality has already struck. The van wont go into gear this am. Off to work but with a heart full of wonderful memories to get me through.


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