Wedding Quilt

20150312_195831 20150312_195840 20150312_200138

This quilt was made by Jane. She made white squares with little triangles on two opposite corners. The blocks were set out and guests signed them, wrote messages of love, some jokes and one picture is drawn. The quilt is quilted in overall curls.

20150312_200154 2015-03-09 17.34.28 2015-03-10 18.26.22 2015-03-10 18.34.332015-03-12 20.02.27

The quilt maker  did a wonderful job in planning out the use of the Bride and Grooms school colors of blue and gold. She also planned a light to dark yellow, then light blue to dark blue gradients in the elongated star layout. Wonderful job Jane!


This quilt is amazing!


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