Start of the gardening season



I was in the yard today trying to get the flowerbeds presentable. Its a process for me. I made it about an hour before the sun and watery eyes got me, lol. So the plants randomly set in the raised bed in the first pic are the start of my fairy garden.  Why isnt it planted yet, you may ask…..never before Memorial Day here in my part of Michigan.  Yes , the later this weekthe forecast is on the 40s for the high.

I have adopted the slow stitching movement to gardening. It’s about the enjoyment of each step not a big rush for a finished product. So today was weeding and planning …..and I have hostas and sedum and some other little plants to add from my established beds that are a bit shaggy looking. I love the plants to be a bit grown together.

I have been sewing and enjoying a quiet day home. Next weekend is the kickoff to my husbands highland games season and we will be busy traveling and embracing summer.

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