I love this free block pattern I found online. Perfect for a jelly roll! I have this on the radar to make.


I quilted this by my faithful octogenarian customer. It is so sweer.


It has a blue counterpart that will be on the frame soon now that i have found a twin sized batting!  I used a quilters Dream poly that feels like a cotton. I love how it worked up and will be trying it again. I bought it on Surrey rd in Clare, Mi from an amish family. They had Moda fabrics for 8.50 a yard. I will be stopping there often!!!!


Here is the back.


I am trying to use large cones of thread to save money. I researched how to use cones by using a thread stand. I found a cast iron stand for 10$ ….its working perfectly. Money saved and I like this Signature thread.


New quilt loaded on the frame, it is a kit at a local quilt shop. More to come!


Here is a pic of me on right with a friend, from last weekend,  at the highland games. We have 10 games lined up this year, next game is in my hometown at the end of June. We will end in St Louis !  Of course there is a few quilty things we will see along the way.


Let me know what you are doing these days in comments below.


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