Lots of work and lots of play

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Besides working at my day job,  I made a few things at home. I colored and my paisley page is finished. I made 7 of 100 blocks in Tula Pink’s pattern book called Modern City Sampler . I am free motion quilting on a customer quilt.

I am working on things in short increments of about 10-20 minutes at a time. I feel like I am getting  further along creating this way vs doing a project in a hour or more block of time. Looking forward to my upcoming vacation, so I want to be caught up.

However, the universe has given so many around me a rotten infection. We are trying very hard to not get it before we leave but I have been coughed on directly by many people. I am beginning to think I am doomed to get this plague… just in time to go out of state! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t work out that way. We tempted our fate had date night last night with high school football, burritos and today with tons of college football and prime rib. Go Blue! (for both teams)


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