Quilting to chrochet and back


Last quilt off the frame for Geri is a disappearing 9 patch. I quilted an overall leaf and curl on it. I is really a pretty outdoor fabric with deer and bear. The back is a lovely flannel. I am down to only one quilt that is to be done by Christmas. Yay, then I can start working on some of my quilts to go on the frame.


I have been coloring and doodling in the evening. So here are some of my results. I don’t think the doodle is classified as a Zentangle. With all the things happening we ate out on Black Friday an I got this fortune and I have no idea what it means??? Click pictures to enlarge them and see details. I am a mast? What?


2015-11-29 08.19.26

I am happy to say that I bought a Christmas Story fabrics when I was in Paducah. I love it and it is going to be a quilt that is everything I don’t really like-a panel cut up, quilt that has words and photos. However, this is so adorable and says everything perfect about the movie, so I opened my mind and this is going to be so much fun!!!!

Our Thanksgiving was great. I was warm- 51 with some rain. Very unusual, usually it is snowy.  It was small with me,  my husband, my son and my mother in law. I got only one picture! The second group pic is my attempt at editing it. We watched football and I also crocheted. Friday we drove to my parents three hours away and saw my parents, my sister and niece. We played pool and ate turkey pot pie and ham loaf. On the way home we stopped and checked out a couple of stores.

I must say that going black Friday sale shopping in the evening is great!!! I found a couple of sales that I was looking for , the stores were over staffed and the crowds were small. Love that!

So, I am not putting Christmas stuff up yet but I may start pulling a few things out over the next week or two.

Here is my bon bon project that I am working on in the evenings while watching TV:

2015-11-29 08.30.41.jpg


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