Today plus a few thoughts on what’s Modern


Today started out with snow and wind and all things miserable with winter returning in time for Easter.  I should be used to it here on the 45th parallel but it is still disappointing after losing all the snow and having warm weather for a couple of week.  I needed a little pick me up today. The day was slow at work due to the weather. I was checking my email and realized that the podcast I participated in was up this am!

I was a caller, with a question, for a new podcast that Mary and Marianne Fons host. The podcast is posted  once a week. There is a segment with call in questions about quilting and life, then a celebrity section chat, references to a recipe and laughter. It is like an old radio show but it is modern too because it is a podcast.  They are so nice and the producer Heather is so cool, too.

When I called in to record my session there was a technical problem so I got to talk to the ladies for about 20 minutes. It was like I had known them for years. I did meet Mary once and videoed  a Quilty episode a couple of years ago , a wonderful experience then and this was a great time because I was able to  talk to her mother, too. My question was about having rejections in the quilt world and how to deal with them. I did get some great advice. Go to their web page It is episode 6. Also there is a link to a notes page and it has links to the Quilty episode I was in as well as more info about the show and other guests.

I continued to treat myself today and had a Lara bar. Yum, it’s gluten free, vegan and supposed to be healthy. Have no idea what’s in it but they are great!

I worked on my 50th birthday quilt and it is a pattern by Mary Fons  called Emeralds, more treats for me. My birthstone is emerald and I plan to have 50 blocks with 50 different greens in the centers. A day of being kind to me after a long couple of weeks of not feeling well felt soooo good. I am also treating myself because things at work are gonna get stressful and lots of changes coming in the future.

I am starting a new account on a social media called Ello. I am not liking the algorithms of Facebook or possibly Instagram. Blogging is nearly dead ,so I will try it. You can find me at my name Vicki Holloway.

I am looking at several feeds on social media with modern quilts, which I love btw. I am a bit curious as to why obsolete items are such popular things to make as a modern styled quilt. Things like cassete tapes, envelopes (because who writes letters and mails them), typewriters, board games and quilting words using cursive writing. These items wont’t even be remembered by culture in a few years. I guess I don’t understand why you would spend so much time making a quilt and the people in the future won’t even understand the reference or even be able to read the  words ( I truly believe cursive will be a lost language studied only by archeologists and anthropologists as a lost language). It’s like watching old comedies with specific trendy jokes that are lost because no one understands the reference— good thing there is Google to look it up.






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