Love weekends

2016-05-20 08.07.45

I did complete this bar towel. After it was done I could bear the thought of someone using it so I used it on my little fireplace to make it feel more homey. This was knitted in Durenda’s pattern fro Yarnz to Go in Alpena from a Plymouth cotton yarn. I was part of my yarn box of the month. I am starting a new project to have as a portable project for Highland games which start next week! More to come on that

2016-05-20 08.09.11

2016-05-20 14.24.30

Worked a little in my flower beds and here is a little updated pic of part of my fairy gardens. I am adapting the Slow movement to gardening, long time fan of this movement btw. I have all summer and I can only work about 20 to 30 minutes of active weeding. Lots get done when I consistently work on things in small increments of time.

2016-05-20 14.24.51



I even worked on the larger bed of perennials in the back. I love gardens. I don’t really like gardening after July 4th. I get spring fever and tackle the beds with fresh energy each spring and tend the plants. The idea is very romantic. Then it gets hot and then I lose interest. I get sunburned and bugs.  I am the Jim Gaffigan of gardening and John Pinet of outdoors. Both are my fav comedians who are “indoorsy” and not overly motivated to be outside. I plan to spend more time out knitting, as all of my neighbors quit smoking so I can breathe out there with nature. Unfortunately, there are many dogs that make the place smell at bit poopy on a hot day.

2016-05-21 17.24.47

I borrowed a walking foot, this one fit my machine perfectly. I have found the secret to machine binding and straight line quilting on my domestic. The walking foot. Oh wow, I bound three little quilts yesterday. I did have to go to the quilt store to get more purple because I was a foot short, they had only 2 fat quarters left so I got them!  I will bind them on the next cold snap probably in a week or so, it is Michigan after all!

2016-05-22 08.28.36


And lastly I found a new thing to do while watching I love this subscription. I found something that is called Coloring Quilts from It combines longarm quilting, zentangle and coloring. I bought paint pens, prepared for dying fabric and made this sample. If I like it I will buy the textile paint she recommends because it is something you can do more details with but to start I thought I would go with Sharpie stain pens for fabrics.

Never met a craft or art I didn’t like!










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