More words than pictures


Someone dropped these beauties off at work. All of the flowers make such a lovely arrangement. It was a perfect collection of flowers, real ones by the way. I was glad I had a chance to study them for a couple of days and most of all enjoy them.

I have been quilting and I will post about the projects in a different post after they are delivered because there are a couple of stories that go with the quilts as well as finishing them. I have been coloring in my book of repeating patterns, doing Zentangle and sewing. Lots of parts of projects but not completed anything yet. However, I have found that I do get tons done in my 10, 15 and 30  minute increments with a few longer moments occasionally. I had a fab time visiting with a friend this week and doing Zentangle.  Our group took July off from meeting….. so she is going to come in August. I hope to see more growth as we go.

I am making plans for the Fall . I hope to teach a beginners quilt class at my lqs, know of anyone who would like to learn? Let me know! I am starting to get my podcast recording started and I have some tech support if needed, lol. I am going to record a few episodes over the Month of Aug and post the first one in September.  I am going to do a trunk show at a shop in the area in Sept too. I think I better enjoy the rest of summer and not get too far ahead of myself…. a few more Highland games, the Grand Rapids Quilt show in Aug, and Renfest. Oh boy, it is gonna be a great month.

2016-07-21 20.00.22




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