Show notes for Podcast 3



For details about the finished longarm quilts read yesterday’s post here

Here is the quilt I pressed this morning to put on the frame this week.


My house, view from the sewing machine. My fabrics found this weekend. Click on pics to make larger

2016-05-25 19.51.46

Emeralds quilt for my birthday. And Mary Fon’s pattern info here

Show info for MQX

Please leave a comment on anything you heard today plus ideas for having a kids sewing class at the local shop!!









  1. I listened yesterday and now I’m trying to remember everything I wanted to comment on! I will say I loved hearing about your house and am enjoying your podcast a lot in general. The Emerald’s quilt is fab!

    Oh, yeah–I was inspired to hear about your 90-year-old quilter. Hope I make it that long!


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