Daily Creative prompt challenge Feb 2017-Short podcast

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2016-07-04 08.03.53

Daily creative prompts have helped in my creative journey,

I did the 100 day project and I  had some self structure to it for my creative project at the end but public prompts would have helped.

Here is last years post about it for more info:


Why prompts?

It helps me to look at things differently. I do daily photo a day prompt challenges to take a more creative pictures and to practice daily.

It also takes us out of our comfort zones and try something a little different. Maybe we will learn more about quilting, maybe it will add a skill or maybe it just solidifies that you don’t care for a specific thing in quilting but it makes your brain work differently that its usual habit. That’s when inspiration happens for me, maybe you too.

This is designed to be a daily prompting that could lead up to having a project done in 30 days if that is the way you choose to do it. You may just want to do this as a daily exercise as a jumping off point in your studio.

I will post daily about the prompts on Instagram and the My Creative Corner3 Facebook GROUP. I will post weekly or more on the blog to talk about the journey and show what I am working on.

Daily prompts will be posted here and on Instagram at the end of January.

Happy Creating!


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