Creative Prompt Challenge Update!


Sooo much fun is happening at the Facebook group this month. We are taking a few minutes each day and doing something creative. So far , there has been discoveries about our quilting  group that  some members draw very well! And some like me, who doodle.

I will share a few pictures of my challenge photos. I am thinking tomorrow’s challenge -write a 20 word story may be a little tougher than some for me. I will post it by midnight!

I have to say, my bird is not my best work! Ha, I must have been hungry for chicken. Overall, the discipline of doing a little creativity every morning has helped me jump start the ideas by getting the brain to think about how to do the prompt. And maybe see the prompt in a different way , or looking at things around me a bit differently. The fun is that you can do as many as you want, or just see what wonderful things the other are posting. Can’t wait to see what creative things are next!



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