2017-03-19 00.11.47

I quilted my 2016 Pat Sloan’s Secret Garden Mystery BOM today. I quilted it in an all over vine that is a feather base with center . I am really happy that it turned out! I took a lot of risks with fabrics and colors but I am pleased with the final results. I enjoyed this quilt very much and believe it or not it was the first Mystery Quilt I have ever made!

2017-03-18 18.58.022017-03-16 15.19.01

Details of the vine like feathers in the all over pattern on the quilt.

2017-03-18 20.44.01

Today’s Creative Prompt Challenge was make a paper fan that was decorated. I found a tangle that I did on watercolor paper. I didn’t really like drawing on Water color paper but I saved it. And it was repurposed. I am so glad that I didn’t throw it out!  You can join in conversation with other at the Facebook Page My Creative Corner3.



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