lovely days

What a lovely day. It was too nice to stay inside so after our chores were done we went for a ride and saw some pretty sites. The water and sky were so blue.  Spring is here and it is so nice to see leaves bud and the grass green up. The trillium flowers are starting to grow in the woods.

2017-04-23 17.21.09 I found this awesome yarn at Wal- Mart while I was waiting for our oil to be changed on our truck before our ride. Now this was the last of this color way so I need to be careful what I make so I have enough yarn!

I have been long arming and videoing like mad. I have a quilt nearly finished and it will be revealed next month! I made a intro to my YouTube Channel video. I will be posting more and more video with the goal to have a 20 min vlog up. I learned so much about editing this weekend. See my promo below, I was having way too much fun!




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