Two quilts off to their homes

2017-05-06 11.55.072017-05-06 11.55.14

I have been working really hard on finishing two customer quilts by the end of May. I had this fabulous batik queen sized quilt. I tried some new things. I used a ruler! I made each frame like a facet and the colored center had some dense quilting in it. I tried to the desires of the customer to keep the stitching linear and not curly or swirly. Wow, I had to really put my thinking cap on. It is amazing how we can get into set habits. I really enjoyed working on the quilt and it is all free motion. I even took the quilt off and turned it to do some straight line stitching. Lots of new things I learned and it all turned out in the end!

I also finished this really adorable t shirt quilt. It was so flat. I don’t know what stabilizer she used but it is amazing. I have never had such a great turn out for a knit quit top! I did overall swirls on it. The batting was just the right amount!


I am working on one of my Mom’s quilts now and I love making all over patterns for texture.

2017-05-16 11.20.17

Love free motion quilting!


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