Nature walk

It was such a lovely day I decided that I should walk outside rather than go to the gym. The trail I walked on didn’t disappoint! It is good to get outside and I haven’t walked this trail in a year or two. I hope to do it more while we have good weather.

Some still pictures on the walk:


What’s so interesting is that this park is only a couple of miles from my house on the edge of town. The city keeps elk and deer in the meadow for the tourists to see them especially but they were not seen today. I see the woods, the elk, hear the birds everyday. But I don’t get out of my car or house or work and experience it often. Totally different view when I was experiencing the moment. The road less taken. Reminded me of simple times and with a child like wonder seeing nature for the first time. Spring’s gift after a long winter, seeing all the green and being in awe of it.

So get outside for I bit. I am not talking camping or anything… just a little walk to experience nature today. It is good for us!


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