What to do with DNA information ?

suprise, DNA results!
My Ancestry DNA results

It is not a surprise that my ancestors are from Europe. It confirms all the family lore of my mothers family. Irish and Scots came to the US looking for a new life. My mothers ancestor immigrated from the Netherlands, all in the lore. What is also in the lore is that my great grandmother told me I looked like her grandmother who was Native American. We have pictures of her. But pictures don’t tell everything–was she family, was she a friend in the photo? What year was this photo and who is everyone in the picture.  I did not test for this in the DNA. I was a bit disappointed , I cannot find who she may be in the lineage at this time and thought it was all legend.

This hobby of mine started when I was a child and watch the movies “Roots.” Genealogy was hot back then, I knew 6 of my great grandparents. YES GREAT Grandparents. I interviewed them and had them write down stories. Most of which are true. Such as stated above, however, some were not as one of my grandmother’s thought her late husband was from France when, in fact his ancestors were from Wales. So all things much be researched and verified! My dad is a photographer and keeper of photos and family items. He also is a genealogy hobbyist. His DNA returned much the same as mine, EXCEPT he did have the Native American gene. Tiny amount but maybe there is some truth to the story his grandmother told me. I hope to find out as I continue my Ancestry journey.

We recently went to the Cultural Museum in Saginaw : Ziibiwig Center of
Anishinabe Culture. Something my husband and I have always wanted to do and finally had time during the hours that the museum was open. I was deeply moved by listening to the history and culture. We learn about the creation story, the traditions and the wisdom of the Grandfathers. The rest of the post is self explanatory photos I took in the museum. Click on photos to make them larger to see details or read the plaques. It is well worth the trip to  see the art, hear the language and learn about the culture of people who lived in my state for so long … and may very well be part of my history also.


I love museums, it is so inspiring!!!



I love museums, they are so inspiring!!!





  1. Vicki, just finding your blog through my interest in both quilting and genealogy. We have similar history, as my father always said his grandmother was native American, although I haven’t found anything to back that up yet. Both my brother and sister took the Ancestry DNA test. My brother’s results show a small percentage (3%) Native American, but my sister didn’t show any. He has dark hair and brown eyes, while she is blonde and blue. So many variances in families!! It is so interesting to explore our family history. You are blessed having your father as official family keeper of the photos!


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