Quilt Show ideas


This is a guild only show for a neighboring county otherwise I would have tried to get in ! I go when they have their biannual show and this year I was able to take my Mom with me as we were both on a vacation, a rare treat. I love looking at the perennial favorites with a twist. Dear Jane made from batiks, selvage edge used in different ways and the guilds stash buster, the string quilt pictures with kite shapes ( 5th row, 3rd quilt). Click on pictures to enlarge and see detail. Each photo was taken because I saw something that had a great idea or a quilting stitch that I liked.

I love the creativity in this little show. There were 150 quilts and lots of great ideas. My favorite new quilt pattern is the Fancy Forest quilt with all the animals ( 3rd row far right) and my favorite block in the quilt is the hedgehog. I thought that the layouts using blocks to make overall secondary patterns were cool. I enjoyed the saturated bold colors and more contemporary or modern pieces in the show.

Quilting was interesting. Many computer long armed quilts were there, not my favorite. However, I did see a trend of hand guided free motion quilting and less density.  Yes, my favorite!

Cool Ideas: The alternating square and on point square setting of the Farmer’s Wife quilt is genius ( 6th row down, far left). The resurgence of medallion center quilts was noticed and I love that ! Samplers were still a big favorite and a favorite of mine. I really like the look of sampler blocks being used to make a mosaic look for a quilt overall like the Star medallion quilt (last row , left.) And in the shop was the cute selvage edge place mats!

Which quilt was my favorite overall? So hard to choose but I liked the Leaves quilt in the 4th row. I want to try to make the little wool flower appliques quilt on a small scale 5th row , second quilt.

Now to sort out my quilting priorities ! Stay tuned about an exciting quilt project that I will be piecing!

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