Quilt shows and a giveaway!

Podcast is Here


First of all if you want to enter the giveaway— the blog post is here with the rafflecopter link

Quilt shows are so much fun!  I have to say that I am thinking about the Dear Jane… again. And the medallion , mosaic quilt. Cool stuff




Collaborative quilt blog post is here


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the link at the beginning.

Videos of the Highland games and the freighters are on previous blog posts or on my YouTube channel

Quilt on ,



  1. Thank you, for sharing your time and talents. I always enjoy your podcast but this last one was special for me. Two summers ago we went to Michigan for the first time we visited many of places on the lower peninsular and a few on the upper..You mentioned many places we visited. This summer we will again go to Michigan ,to the Upper peninsular. I taught a quilting class in Rockport,Tx. Made a great friend you is a winter Texas who took my class and now we will visit the beautiful great lakes again. They live outside of Traverse City. I am a fan of both you and Michigan.


    • Thanks for your kind words! I do love Michigan and we go all over every summer. I do some travel in the winter months but we get tons of snow in my county but we won’t talk about that. I lived in Texas for a year and i sure missed our 4 seasons!Thanks for listening and leaving a comment!


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