Podcast and vlog

Listen to the audio only podcast here


I posted a vlog and you can watch it on YouTube above or  here. I am taking the audio out of the video and recording a podcast, we will see how that goes. It may be a total disaster but I am gonna try it lol. EDIT: WHOA I DID IT! I knew it was possible!!!

Links talked about  in the show is http://www.modabakeshop.com

Quilt Week Grand Rapids http://www.quiltweek.com/locations/grr17/

Here is the quilt going to the show!!!


2016-04-05 17.31.51
Collaborative quilted by Vicki Holloway 



Crochet Crowns crocheted by Vicki Holloway 


Every Princess needs a crown post and pattern is here


2017-07-30 07.05.37
Mistake Rib scarf knitted by Vicki Holloway 


Pattern for Mistake Rib scarf is here


2017-07-09 15.55.38
Tatted edging by Vicki Holloway 



Zentangle Heart by Vicki Holloway 



I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this week and enjoy the rest of summer, it will go by so fast!!!

Quilt on,





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